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Having a full-time job, learning new technologies and writing about them takes some discipline and focus.  

We've been extremely busy at the company I work with, but over the holidays and weekends I found the time to do a re-write of from the wonderful Ghost platform into a Phoenix application.

It has been a lot of fun and I'm working on some content to show how this migration to Phoenix was handled.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you find some value in the content we publish.

What's new

We added different organization to the content and we'll be breaking different articles/screencasts into logical sections:

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Ecto
  • Frontend
  • Testing
  • DevOps

We find that organizing content this way helps to do deeper into particular tracks (skills as we're calling them).

Plans for 2020

We have some plans to ramp up the content publishing and start creating video content.

I find it easier to digest content while being able to read it at my own pace and leaf through the sections easily.  Others may find screencasts more helpful, but we're going to work on adding more of both types.

Pro Membership

We're planning on how to add a "pro" membership to help support production high quality content.  Some of which will be deep dives into aspects of professional application development.

If you'd like to get in early, we have an early access program in the works where you will be safely locked in at a highly discounted rate FOR LIFE.  Just reach out for details.

Ways to Connect:

If you're interested in following along and learning how to work in Elixir and Phoenix, you can:

Thanks for joining us on the Road to Phoenix Mastery!

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